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Residential Appliance Repair | Jake Johnson

When you need residential appliance repair, you can count on Jake Johnson.

I am a third-generation appliance repairman. My grandfather started a small appliance company after he served in World War II. That company was passed to my uncle. My eldest brother owns an appliance repair company that services Citrus County, and I started Jake Johnson LLC to serve Levy, Marion, and Alachua counties. That is a lot of experience and knowledge in residential appliance repair – commercial appliance repair, too!

I moved to Williston FL when I was 12 years old. Nearly a decade ago, I graduated from Williston High School and went to college in Ocala FL. Today, my fiancé and I reside in the Williston FL area. 

When you hire Jake Johnson, you are supporting a family-owned business with low overhead. If the freezer or dishwasher in your kitchen has stopped working, call (352) 529-7074 today for fast, dependable, affordable service!

Commercial Appliance Repair

I am a small-business owner and love helping other small-business owners. If your walk-in freezer has stopped working at your restaurant, call me. For commercial appliance repair, you can’t afford NOT to call Jake Johnson. If it is not gas-operated, I will get your appliances up and running efficiently at a fraction of the cost of other repair services.
When I get a call, I always try to be there as soon as possible. “Jake Johnson arrived within 1 hour of my call to him on the day after Thanksgiving,” one customer says.

Because of my low overhead, I keep prices very affordable. “He only charged me $35 for a service call (other big-name places charge $60-$90),” according to another satisfied customer.

I am very knowledgeable about the appliances I repair and am honest with all my customers. “My drier was beyond repair and Jake let me know that!” one customer reports. “He was so helpful about my next step.” 
Call your local appliance repairman, Jake Johnson,
for affordable service today
(352) 529-7074!
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